European Trial Championship at Bilstain (Belgium) – Preview

The curtain is going to close on 2018 FIM Europe Championships and Cups in one of the most famous venue in the Trial world; the private area of Bilstain in Belgium, theater of important world events in the Eighties.

Lately back in the scene as last year with two different rounds of the same championship, Bilstain is again ready to give its support. The place is very convenient for spectators: it is possible to watch all the sections in almost one square km and the big natural rocks – where the sections are drawn – are always challenging enough to ensure a high quality show.

This year all the classes are going to be present. On Saturday Women and Youths, on Sunday Europe, Junior and Over40.
Following the chronological order, the best trial female riders will be the first to start. Spanish Berta Abellan (Vertigo, photo1) seems to be very close to claim her first continental title. She got 3 victories in her pocket, letting German Theresa Bauml (Montesa), winner of one round, too, quite behind in the overall standings: 45 points.

The leadership of Spanish Martin Riobo (Gas Gas, photo2) in the Youth class is even more consistent: he has 90 marks clear of his countrymate Pol Medyna (Beta). Only an unlucky retirement could tear away the title from his hands.
Almost same large advantage for Italian Matteo Grattarola (Sembenini Montesa, photo3) in the Europe class, on the scene the day after. He has 75 points clear of Spanish Francesc Moret (Montesa) who must hope for a very bad day of the Italian pluri-champion to overturn the forecast.
Odds on Italian Sergio Piardi (Beta, photo4) to gain the Junior Cup, 30 points ahead of French Kieran Touly (Sherco) who won the last round and will fight giving his best to repeat the performance this Sunday.

The only class still open to unpredictable outcomes is the Over 40. The victory of Italian Piero Sembenini (Montesa) and, at the same time, the poor fourth place of the series’ leader, German Marcus Kipp (TRS, photo5) re-opened the fight for the Cup. Now Kipp is still leading but by only 5 points on Sembenini. It means that who will stay ahead will bring home the Over 40 Cup.
In both days other riders belonging to International classes will enter, enriching the event of participants.
Photos: ©Phototrial

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