European Trial Championship at Santo Stefano d’Aveto (Italy) – Day 1

Spanish Berta Abellan (Vertigo, photo1) and Italian Carlo Alberto Rabino (Beta, photo2) were one step above all in Day 1 of the fourth round of the European Trial Championship, held at Santo Stefano d’Aveto, Italy. Winners in Women’s and Youths’ classes, respectively, scored almost half points than their most challenging rival.

The young Spaniard girl decided to escape from her group of rivals. Taking advantage to be one of the first to start, she absolutely did not worry to open all the sections, rode for herself and gained the leadership at the turning point. Her score was 5, but Norwegian Ingveig Hakonsen (TRS) did as much as her a brilliant first lap, making just one more mistake. German Theresa Baeuml (Montesa) followed with 13 marks.

In the second lap due to a very hot day all the girls were quite weary. Abellan limited her errors to 8 and it meant her third victory out of four races. Hakonsen – who had recovered her gap of one point before section 10 – threw away a possible victory and even the second place in the 4 final sections: 3 ‘five’ forced her to slid to third place, overtaken by a very regular Baeuml.

Much more clearly the dominant riding of Rabino in the Youth class. At his first appearance in this series, he rode more than one level above all the pretenders to the 2018 title. He lost one single point in the whole first lap against the 14 points scoredby the couple Martin Riobo (Gas Gas) and Mats Nilsen (Sherco), that were his nearest adversaries.
In the second lap, Rabino managed his lead making some mistakes, but ten marks in total are one third of Riobo (16 points in second lap) who took comfort in stretching his lead in the overall standings. Third Marco Mempor (Beta) ahead of Andrea Gabutti (TRS), while Nilsen collapsed to the fifth place.
In the Women’s International one more success for French Lena Volpe (Sherco, photo3), while in the Youth International the winner was Italian Luca Poncia (Beta, photo4).
Next and last round in one week, at Bilstein, Belgium.

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