European Trial Championship, Over 40 and Junior Cup at Isola 2000 (France) – Day 2

Toby Martyn (Montesa, photo 1) beat his team mate Matteo Grattarola (photo 2) in the second day at Isola 2000, France, third round of the European Trial Championship. Sergio Piardi (Beta, photo 3) and Marcus Kipp (TRS, photo 4) on top in Junior and Over40 class respectively.
Still sunny day and still rain in late evening the day before, so the sections dried during the day. Martyn – not too happy of his previous day’s performance – decided to ride quickly and ahead of the group of his rivals, probably in order not to be conditioned by the outcome of the others. And this decision was fruitful for him. He was soon leader at the first deliver of the card: 21 points. Grattarola underestimated some slippery sections and collected 4 ‘five’, ending the loop with 31 marks and was in fourth position, behind Francesc Moret (Montesa) who scored 28 and a surprising Norwegian Ib Andersen (Gas Gas) with 30 errors.

Grattarola recovered in the second loop as he often does, but even if his score of 15 was largely the best in this race, it was not enough to reach Martyn, who dropped 22 marks and kept the leadership, winning his first round.
Grattarola finished runner-up ahead of Moret.

Among the Junior riders, Piardi confirmed once more time his value. He started first and never yielded his leadership. After being a while from the podium yesterday, young home idol Hugo Dufrese (Gas Gas) shook the pressure on him. Riding less nervously, he managed to grab a significant second place. In third position, his countrymate Kieran Touly (Sherco).

Marcus Kipp (TRS) did not commit the mistake of yesterday and won the Over 40 class. There was nothing to do for Piero Sembenini (Montesa), who was very close to him (just 2 points more), but doomed to stay behind. Third Italian Valter Feltrinelli (Montesa).
Same winners as yesterday in the International classes: in the “1” Jean-Philippe Lerda (Vertigo), in the “2” Marius Pelissier (TRS).
Next round on 5th of August in Italy, at Santo Stefano d’Aveto.

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