European Pairs Speedway Championship: Semi Final 2

European Pairs Speedway Championship:
Semi Final 2

Following the Semi Final 1 set in mid-July in Finland, the season of the European Pairs Speedway Championship continued last weekend with the Semi Final 2 in Hungary. The town of Nagyhalász, situated in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Country, hosted for the second time this year a Track Racing competition as in May was the venue of the ECC round of the SEC.

Amazing day for the Italian team, that did at the end of a spectacular race made it through winning the Semi Final with 23 points.

After a slow opening heat, Italian duo Paco Castagna and Nicolas Covatti won 4 straight heats and secured the victory in their second last heat. Although Italy secured the victory early, the fight for the last two qualifying spots remained opened.

Four teams fought till the end to secure the second and third spot. Slovenia finished tied on points with Latvia and a run-off heat for second and third position was raced. Slovenia put the result out of reach of its rival.

The top five was completed with Ukraine and Chzech Republic: both finished tied on points (20) missing the qualifying for just one point.

The fight for the title begins now. The focus switches to Opole in Poland on 1 October for the Final.

Top three

  1. Italy (Paco Castagna 11, Nicolas Covatti 12), 23 points
  2. Slovenia (Nick Skorkja 14, Anze Grmek 7, Matic Ivacic DNR), 21+3 points
  3. Latvia (Jevgenijs Kostigovs 11, Daniils Kolodinski 10), 21 + 2 points

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