European Motoball in France (Day 4)

The European Motoball Games are going on in Cameret and Valreas, in France. In Day4, on Sunday July 30th, seven matches were held.

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11th Senior-Game 11:00 – The Netherlands – Ukraine 13:2
The Netherlands won their first and only match against Ukraine. On the asphalt ground in the Stadium of Camaret, the Dutch Team was too fast for Ukraine. In this reason it was a clear result for the Orange team, but Ukraine also scored twice.

1st Junior-Game 13:00 – France – Russia 3:3
After the common breakfast and the friendly handshake the Junior matches started. Both Franch and Russian Teams were playing a technically excellent Motoball with nice combinations and perfect scores. At first it was France to pass ahead with 2:0 but after that Russia came back and did a draw in the last minute.

2nd Junior-Game 14:00 . France – Germany 0:2
In a nice and mostly fair match, the German Team went quickly in front. After it was a balanced match, on high level. It’s clearly visible that every team is doing a great work in Junior education. At the end Germany scored again and saved the first 3 points.

12th Senior-Game 15:00 – Germany – The Netherlands 9:4
Germany went ahead with 6:0, but then the Netherlands started to score and the result got closer. At the end Germany scored 3 more goals and won the match 9:4.

13th Senior-Game 16:45 – France – Ukraine 22:2
Ukraine played their second match of the day and France was too strong for the Ukraine Team, which arrived to France already decimated by injured players. The French Team even changed their players completely during the match and each of them scored. Ukraine at least scored 2 more times against France.

14th Senior-Game 18:30 – Belarus – Ukraine 13:0
With a 13:0 against Ukraine the Belarus Team saved the 3rd place in the ranking. The Ukraine Team had to play a third time in this day because of the match which had not been possible to play on Friday July 28th. In this match the 50th Year old Motoball Legend Anton Vlasovets scored twice for Belarus.

15th Senior-Game 20:30 – France – Russia 5:4
The highlight of the day was the match between the local team and the European Champions from Russia. France started very well and passed ahead with 2:0 in the 1st Quarter. After the break Russia came back and scored twice by standards. Another fast break of the Russians brought them ahead for the first time. In the 3rd Quarter Russia scored twice more and France only once. In this phase of the match it seemed almost as if the French Team didn’t want to win, in order not to play with Germany in the Semi-Finals. But in the last quarter France forced speed again and scored once more. They tried to score once more for a draw, but Russia was able to defend well from further goals.

All the matches of the 31st European Motoball Championship will be broadcasted in live-streaming at the following link:

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