European Motoball in France (Day 3)

The European Motoball Games are going on in Cameret and Valreas, in France. In Day3 four matches were held: Germany-Ukraine, Belarus-The Netherlands, Russia-Ukraine and France-Belarus.
7th Game 15:00 – Germany – Ukraine 10:0
Finally the Ukraine Team arrived in Valreas (they had a delay due to Visa issues and their first race – expected on Friday – was rescheduled on Sunday). Ukraine played the first match against Germany and they did well in the first Quarter. After that Germany started to score and the game ended with a clear 10:0 for Germany.

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8th Game 16:45 – Belarus – The Netherlands 4:1
The Netherlands was not able to put the Belarus Team under pressure, so Belarus played better during the first half of the match and scored four times. In the second half of The Netherlands was stronger and the Dutch team scored their first goal in this European Motoball Championship.

9th Game 18:30 – Russia – Ukraine 9:0
Russia gave their substitute players the chance to show up and they did well. The Russian team dominated from the beginning and scored 3 times already in the first 20 minutes. In each of the last 3 Quarters Russia scored twice and the match ended 0:9.

10th Game 20:00 – France – Belarus 2:2
Both Teams had good chances in the first 2 Quarters and Belarus went ahead scoring one goal. At the half time break the flood light failed and the stadium in the dark. It took 20 minutes to the organizers to fix the problem. During this time the speaker asked the spectatoris to switch on the LED lights of their mobile phones to generate a special light show, which they did. In the 3rd Quarter Belarus scored a second time, but this was the wake up call for the French Team, which scored twice. In the last Quarter the referees were forced to show many cards, because of some players’ indiscipline.

This morning Pascale Reschko Jacquot – Chairwoman of the FIM Europe Motoball Commission – and Thomas Staudt – Vice president of the Commission and Jury President of the European 2017 Motoball Games – sponsored a common breakfast with the Junior Teams of Russia, Germany and France to bring to young players together. They welcomed the Teams and announced their common aim to create friendship among all Teams, expecting a fair event.

All the matches of the 31st European Motoball Championship will be broadcasted in live-streaming at the following link:


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