European Motoball at Budel (The Netherlands) Day 5

Lithuania VS Netherlands f

The city of Budel, in the Netherlands, is hosting the European Motoball Championship. Yesterday, the Day 5 of the series was held and five matches were played.

Ukraine-Belarus 3-7
Ukraine managed to do a good game, but did not get any positive results. Belarus took their points and won the game by 3-7. Ukraine still has no points in this championship and stands in the last place, behind Lithuania by goal difference.
France-Lithuania 3-1
Both teams started the game slowly and carefully, because both had two matches to face in the same day. France scored in the second quarter, but Lithuania quickly managed to score their first goal in this championship and at half-time the result was 1-1. But in the second half of the game France scored two goals and Lithuania was not able to reply.

Germany VS France 4 l
Russia-Belarus 7-2
Belarus has showed great form in all the championship and this match was not an exception. Russia is a real contender to the title and they were sharper in defence and more accurate in their attacks.
Netherlands-Lithuania 6-4
Lithuania started the game well with a quick goal, but Netherlands was very fast to. Teams continued to swap goals and the result after half time was 4-3 for the Netherlands. But in the second half of the game championship hosts Netherlands were luckier and won the game by 6-4.

Germany VS France 2 l
Germany-France 6-2
The game started with green card for France and an early goal at the 2nd minute for Germany. France goalkeeper was injured and replaced. In the second quarter France were unlucky to score an own-goal, and Germany added another few ones, while France managed to score only one. Half-time result was 4-1, after third quarter it was 5-2. Last quarter was a real battle, spectators saw crashes and referee cards and Germany won the fight by 6-2.
Today the European Motoball Championship is continuing with Day 6.