European Motoball Championship at Kovrov (Russia) – Day 2

France has opened their score box in 9th minute, soon after this The Netherlands had a good chance to answer, but the ball hit the crossbar. Despite this in the second quarter The Netherlands equalized the result with a beautiful 16 meters free-kick. It was a wake-up call for France and in the sixth minute of second quarter they came up with a goal. There was less luck for them in the end of the quarter when France player got a hit in the head with a ball from 16 meters free-kick, at least the player left the field with some help from his teammates.
In the second part of the game France got another goal, The Netherlands answered in the end of the game, but France did their job well and earned their first 3 points.

In the first quarter Lithuania immediately started good attacks, but couldn’t finish them with a goal. In the second quarter finally they were able to finish, and got their goal. Unfortunately Lithuania defense cracked in the last quarter and Belarus punished them with even 4 goals, while conceded only one.

Russia started with a very quick goal, but Germany showed that they are better team than yesterday and soon gave an answer for the hosts with a goal. It was a pleasure to watch the top class Motoball for every spectator, because both teams gave their best – beautiful counter attacks, tough defense and all their hearts. The last 16 meters free-kick goal from Russian captain delivered victory for the European Championship hosts.

At this link the Opening Ceremony and all the games:


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