European Handy Bridgestone Cup: Picasso and Sontacchi grab the titles

European Handy Bridgestone Cup:
Picasso and Sontacchi grab the titles

Pictures copyright: Coen Vleugels

The third and last event of the European Handy Bridgestone Cup took place together with the European STK 1000 Cup and SSP 300 Cup and Alpe Adria Championship at Automotodrom Grobnik in Rijeka, Croatia.

The Race Direction decided to cancel the first Qualifying Session scheduled on Friday due to heavy rain and the second Qualifying took place in wet conditions. Even if the bad weather, rain tyres and lap times of all riders were within the percentage set by the Regulation to participate to the races.

Race 1
In the 1000cc class Italian rider Lorenzo Picasso led the race for 8 laps, followed by Martin Horky from Czech Republic and Italian Emiliano Malagoli. In the final laps Horky overtook Picasso and crossed as first the finish line.
In the 600cc class, wild card Jakob Lorenz led the race from the beginning to the checkered flag. Behind the Austrian rider, Iacopo Gardiol finished second after overtook Maximilian Sontacchi in the middle of the race.
In the Lesser Impaired Category, the Italian Ivo Arnoldi won the 1000cc class, while the Spanish Antonio Montoya won the 600cc class.

Race 2
In wet conditions Horky immediately took a huge advantage racing a lonely way. The same did Picasso finishing second. A good comeback by Jacopo Gullà let him to take the third position of 1000 cc.
The second race of 600cc class was the same of the first one, with Austrian rider Lorenz as fastest in wet conditions. Behind him Gardiol and Sontacchi.
In Lesser Impaired category another win for Arnoldi in the 1000cc class and Montoya in the 600cc class.
At the end of Race 2 the new champions have been crowned: Picasso took the title in the 1000cc class and Sontacchi in the 600cc class.


1000 cc
1.    Lorenzo Picasso
2.    Emiliano Malagoli
3.    Jacopo Gullà

600 cc
1.    Maximilian Sontacchi
2.    Jakob Lorenz
3.    Iacopo Emilio Gardiol

Lesser Impaired
1000 cc – Ivo Arnoldi
600 cc – Antonio Montoya

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