European Handy Bridgestone Cup: Spanish double round crowns the 2022 champions

European Handy Bridgestone Cup:
Spanish double round crowns the 2022 champions

The third and last round of the European Handy Bridgestone Cup was hosted at Jerez de la Frontera Circuit, in Spain. Two races crowned the 2022 champions.

Race 1
Italian rider Samuele Bertolasio (Lesser Impaired 1000cc category) took the holeshot and with a great pace went straight to the win. Behind him the Frenchman Stephane Paulus followed by the Italian Emiliano Malagoli (1.000cc category) and the Czech Martin Horky.
In the 600cc category the Italian Maximilian Sontacchi led the way, followed by Christophe Bernard. A few corners before the chequered flag, the Belgian managed to take the lead and crossed as first the finishing line.
In the Lesser Impaired 600cc category Antonio Montoya confirmed the title.
Thanks to the points gained, Emiliano Malagoli and Christophe Bernard are both champions.

Race 2
Samuele Bertolasio started from the pole and led a lonely race, thus winning the 2022 title in the Lesser Impaired 1000cc category. Behind him the Italians Umberto Troisi, Ivo Arnoldi and Massimo Bacci.
The Czech Horky took the lead in the 1000cc. category, followed by his direct opponent Emiliano Malagoli and Alex Innocenti. The race finished in the same positions.
In the 600cc. category Maximilian Sontacchi led and win the race from the beginning to the end.

Final standings
Lesser Impaired 1000cc category
1. Samuele Bertolasio

1000cc. category
1. Emiliano Malagoli

600cc. category
1. Christophe Bernard

Lesser Impaired 600cc category
1. Antonio Montoya

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