European Trial Women and Youth at Krzeszowice (Poland) – Day 2

Spanish Martin Riobo (Gas Gas, photo 1)) and German Theresa Bauml (Montesa, photo 2) were back on top in the third round of the FIM Europe Youth and Women championship, disputed for the second consecutive day in Miekinia, 4 km from Krzeszowice, Poland. The circuit was the same as the day before, with 14 sections slightly simplified in each of the two loops. Still nice weather and high temperatures.
This was the time to take a revenge for those riders who did not match the expectations the day before. And a brilliant reaction came curiously in both the main classes.

The two-times European champion Theresa Bauml had not yet climbed the highest step of podium, which happened today. But the fight with the former leader Spanish Berta Abellan (Vertigo) was very close. The gap between the two female riders was only one single mark (total of 4 on the two laps against 5). The other key player in this first part of the championship, Italian Sara Trentini (Montesa) made too many mistakes and slid in fifth place, overtook by two Norwegians: Huldeborg Barkved (Gas Gas) and Ingveig Hakonsen (TRS). It was the first podium for Barkved.
In the championship Berta Abellan is still leading but Theresa Bauml is chasing her more closely.

In the Youth class Spanish Martin Riobo was the winner at the first round in Castelloli and after a poor fourth place yesterday he wanted to return on top. His raging reaction arrived in the second lap, because his start was not too good. On the contrary Norwegian Mats Nilsen (Sherco) had a superb first phase. He cleaned all the first 7 sections and closed his first lap with 13 marks. He was leading six points clear on Austrian Marco Mempor (Beta) and seven on the future winner. But in the second lap Riobo was superlative: only 6 errors. Nilsen worsened (21) and was reached by Mempor, beaten by the number of dabs, having both the same number of cleans.
Martin Riobo is leading in the championship.

In the International Youth class, first win for British Henry Hemingway (Beta, photo3), while French Lena Volpe (Sherco, photo 4) won again the International Women class.

The next appointment will be in Santo Stefano d’Aveto, Italy on 4th August.

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