Enduro European Championship: new 24MX 50 CC Trophy

Enduro European Championship:
new 24MX 50 CC Trophy

The FIM Europe, together with Maxim, presents the new 24MX 50 CC Trophy in order to promote the participation of the youngest riders to the Enduro European Championship.

The 24MX 50 CC Trophy will take place on 19th-20th March in Pietramontecorvino (Italy) during the first round and is sponsored by the Swedish brand 24MX, the most famous E-commerce in Europe for the sale of spare parts, clothing and accessories useful for carrying out motorcycle activity.

This special category is reserved to all registered and insured motorcycles with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters and all riders with a regular driving licence. The FIM Europe Enduro & Rally Promotional (One Event) licence and starting permission issued by FMNs is required.

The promotion of young people is fundamental to keep enduro alive. For years the Enduro European Championship has been the first approach to international competitions for many young riders and it has always been a good test for those who want to face the FIM EnduroGP World Championship.

For more information about the trophy, the costs and the registration form please visit the official website

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