Enduro European Championship in Uhlirske Janovice (Czech Republic)

fim europeWith a second place in the final day of the last round of the enduro-european-championship in Uhlirske Janovice / CZ, the Italian Maurizio Micheluz defended his Overall-title!

“Why do we always have to race in rain and mud,” asked the Suzuki-rider bevore, because he knows, that this kind of conditions preferably the Englishman. But his greatest competitor, the Brit Tom Sagar, was fighting with technical problems on second day: His chain jumped away and this costs him more than 40 seconds in the special-test.

So Sagars fellow countryman, Steve Holcombe, repeated his success from the first day and was again fastest rider of all classes. In addition this weekend where fight out for the national rankings – these were won by the british riders in the National-Team and in the Juniors!

Only this weekend started the 50cc-class: In this particular junior-class only teenagers up to the age of 16 years allowed. The Italian Matteo Pavoni on his Valenti won the two-day-score and the FIM-Europe-Cup.


 Download here FIM Europe Press Release 149/2014