Enduro European Championship: double victory for Eemil Pojhola

Enduro European Championship:
double victory for Eemil Pojhola

A perfect summer weekend in Paikuse, Estonia, welcomed the third round of the Enduro European Championship. The route: 3 laps, 64 km, with 3 special tests – Airoh Cross Test, Eleveit Enduro Test and 24MX Extreme Test.

Eemil Pohjola read perfectly all the tests, taking the lead with a fair gap. Alex Walton took the second overall position defending himself from Diego Haution, third, and Lucas Bergstrom.
Luca Colorio won for the very first time in the Youth class. Thanks to the excellent lap times set throughout the day he managed to keep the championship leader Romain Dagna behind. The gap that separated the two young champions was only 3 cents.
Fifth success for Riccardo Fabris in Junior 1 ahead of Miks Rasmanis.
After fighting hard all day long, Diego Haution took his first win in Junior 2, while Lucas Bergstrom was second and Lorenzo Bernini third.
In E1 class Eemil Helander interrupted Andreas Beier’s successes, winning ahead of Jacopo Traini. The Italian, after missing the second round, was back to the action and took the podium ahead of class leader Beier, who finished third.
Eemil Pohjola won E2 class ahead of leader Alex Walton and reigning champion Erik Willems.
David Abgrall was still the best riders of E3 class. The Frenchman won one more time, while reigning champion Dietger Damiaens was second and Polish Gabriel Chetnicki third.
Maurizio Micheluz topped the Senior Class, managing to confirm himself as the best senior rider by tying Nico Rambow in second position and Mika Karma in third.
Tanja Schlosser was back to the victory in the Women class. Great time laps allowed her to triumph over championship leader Vilde Marie Holt and Vivi-Maria Makinen.

Eemil Pohjola ruled the race from the very first special test, proving to be the best riders. David Abgrall started the day slowly, but then was able to find the right pace. He took the second position ahead of his classmate Damiaens Dietger, who was back to the overall podium after one year. At the end of this second day Abgrall is the new leader.
The hard-fought Youth class saw a new name: Gabin Allemand. The young Frenchman won ahead of Pietro Scardina and Davide Mei.
Sixth success in a row and championship victory for Riccardo Fabris. Dawid Babicz managed to took the second place ahead of Miks Rasmanis.
Second win for Diego Haution in Junior 2.
Eemil Helander repeated what he did in Day 1 winning E1 class.
Eemil Pohjola won E2 class.
David Abgrall won E3 class ahead of Damiaens Dietger and Gabriel Chetnicki.
Sixth consecutive success for Maurizio Micheluz.
Vilde Marie Holt won the Women class.

Enduro European Championship
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