EMX65 and 85 NE Europe and EMX Open in Orlyonok (Russia)

aboutuemThe second round in the European Championship in the classes EMX 65cc, EMX 85cc and EMX Open was held today in Orlyonok (Russia). On a perfect prepared track and a perfect weather, the training and Qualification was done on Saturday, Sunday also in a perfect sunny Weather started with Warm up for all three classes.

The first race in the 85cc class was the fastest rider Sergey Prytov (Russia), number two Dmytro Chrenov (Ukraine), and number three Daniil Balandin (Russia). In the second race the fastest rider was Sergey Prytov (Russia), number two was Aleksandr Boyarskiy (Russia) and on the third place Dmytro Chernov (Ukraine).

The first race in the 65cc class was Timur Petrashin (Russia) the fastest rider on the second place Svyatoslav Pronenko (Russia), and on the third place Maksim Krayev (Russia). The second race in the 65cc class number one was Timur Petrashin (Russia) number one, and Mykola Moskaluk (Ukraine) number two, on the third place in this race Maksim Krayev (Russia).

The first race in the Open Class was Aleksandr Efinov (Russia) the fastest and on the second place Semen Rogozin (Russia), on the third place Vitaliy Gusev (Russia). The second race Evgeniy Mikhaylov (Russia) was the fastest rider, and on the second place Aleksandr Efimov (Russia), on the third place Aleksandr Bugreev (Russia).

The third round in the classes 65cc and 85cc will take place in Kaunas (Lithuania) the 12th of May and the third round in the Open class will take place in Mladina (Croatia) the 5th of May

(UEM Press Release 32/2013)