EMX250 European Championship: Rule Change

EMX250 European Championship:
Rule Change

The FIM-Europe and Infront Moto Racing wish to announce a rule change that will become effective in the EMX250 Championship from the 2023 season and onwards.

Over the last several years, the pyramid scheme has seen great success with increasing number of entries in the European classes. Many of the current top stars in MXGP and MX2 have gone through the EMX ranks to become the front runners in the FIM Motocross World Championship which is exactly what the pyramid scheme aims to achieve, in order to have the best riders in the world competing on the biggest stage of motocross racing.

The change in the EMX250 will be the age rule which looks to follow the natural evolution of the riding experience in the European Championship.

Going forward, the maximum age for riders contesting in the EMX250 European Championship will be 21.

Additionally, the EMX250 Championship will now see a total of 10 rounds per year, while the EMX125 series will be disputed between 9 rounds. The EMX2T European Championship will consist of one race, as will the EMX Open creating a finale style event.

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