EMX 65 / EMX 85 and EMX Women’ European Championship

EMX 65 / EMX 85 and EMX Women’ European Championship

Last weekend the EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship saw the first race of the South West zone and the third one of the Central Europe zone together with the second round of the EMX Women’ European Championship.

Dardon Guegnon, in France, started the 2023 season of the South West zone. The technical track in the beautiful French area, close to the Parc Naturel du Morvan, hosted the first round with 38 riders in EMX65 and 41 in EMX85.

The first race of the EMX85 saw David Cracco (Husqvarna) took the holeshot. Halfway, the Italian rider was passed by the 2022 EMX65 Champion Ricardo Bauer (KTM) and the Swiss rider Ryan Oppliger. At the end, the qualification winner, the Italian Nicolo Alvisi (GasGas), made his way up from the middle, passing Opligger and finished second. Race 2 saw French rider Sleny Goyer (KTM) lead from the first lap until the end. Cracco tried to keep the pace fighting for the second position, but Bauer had the best ahead of Alvisi.

In EMX65 double win for Alex Novak (KTM). Both in Race 1 and Race 2 the Slovenian rider lead from start to finish ahead of Tim Lopes (GasGas) and Taj Golez (Husqvarna).

EMX65 top three

  1. Alex Novak, SLO
  2. Tim Lopes, FRA
  3. Taj Golez, SLO

EMX85 top three

  1. Ricardo Bauer, AUS
  2. Nicolo Alvisi, ITA
  3. Sleny Goyer, FRA

The city of Prisanawicz, in Germany, welcomed 122 riders in fight for the Central Europe zone and the Women Championship.

In EMX65 British Harry Dale (KTM) took again a double win and signed the third success in a row. Behind him, double second position for German rider Luca Nierychlo (Husqvarna), while Teunis Spijkerman (GasGas) finished third overall thanks to 4-3.

In EMX85 the races were very disputed. Race 1 saw Dean Gregoire (KTM) lead from start to finish and won ahead of Dex Van Den Broek (KTM) and Dani Heitink (Husqvarna). Race 2 was more exciting and had a different ruler: Jarne Bervoets (KMT) managed to win ahead of Gregoire, who took the overall victory, and Heitink, third overall.

Single event for the EMX Women’ European Championship. Third win in a row for the Dutch Lotte Van Drunnen (Kawasaki), even more leader of the series. Behind, second position for Mathea Selebo (Yamaha), while Alexandra Massury (KTM) was third. In EMX Women 125cc Lucy Barker (KTM) scored his second victory ahead of Swedish Tyra Bäckström and Elsa Andersson Löf.

EMX65 top three

  1. Hary Dale, GBR
  2. Luca Nierychlo, GER
  3. Teunis Spijkerman, NED

EMX85 top three

  1. Dean Gregoire, NED
  2. Jarne Bervoets, BEL
  3. Dani Heitink, NED

EMX Women top three

  1. Lotte Van Drunnen, NED
  2. Mathea Selebø, NOR
  3. Alexandra Massury, GER

EMX Women 125cc top three

  1. Lucy Barker, GBR
  2. 2.Tyra Bäckström, SWE
  3. Elsa Andersson Löf, SWE

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