EMX 65-85 North East and Women’s at Stelpe (Latvia)

The beautiful, natural track of Stelpe, in Latvia, hosted the final round of the EMX 65 and 85 North East Zone, together with the EMX Women’s Championship. From Friday till Saturday morning the weather was slightly rainy, then it turned into sunny and windy. A wide, very well prepared track was ready for qualifications.
In EMX 65 39 riders were taking part to the qualifying race. Karlis Alberts Reisulis from Latvia snatched the first place in qualification race, in front of Aleh Makhnou and Latvian Kirils Maslovs.
In EMX 85 23 riders were at the start for the qualifying race. The winner was Edvards Bidzāns, in front of Daniel Valovich and Egor Frolov.
In EMX Women’s Championship, with 15 ladies on the starting grid, the Danish rider Sara Andersen gained the first place in front of Mathea Selebo and Emelie Dahl.

In a sunny Sunday all three classes started with warm up in the morning under a slight rain and the races were held on a well prepared track in the afternoon, in the sunshine.
EMX 85 – In race 1 Mairis Pumpurs was the first rider at the finish line, followed by Edvards Bidzāns both Latvian and by Belarussian Daniel Valovich. In race 2 Edvards Bidzāns won in front of Daniel Volovich and Mairis Pumpurs.
The overall standings see Edvards Bidzāns winner in front of Daniel Valovich and Mairis Pumpurs.

EMX65 – In race 1 the season leader Maksymillian Chwalik from Poland was the winner before Karlis Alberts Reisulis from Latvia and Ricard Paat. In race 2 Maksymillian Chwalik was again the first rider at the finish line, in front of his compatriot Karlis Alberts Reisulis and of Janis Kubulins from Latvia.
In the overall the winner is Maksymillian Chwalik in front of Karlis Alberts Reisulis and Janis Kubulins both from Latvia.

Women’s European Championship – In race1 the first rider below the chequered flag was Sara Andersen from Denmark, ahead of Emelia Dahl and Sandra Karlson, both from Sweden.
In Race 2 Natalie Kane from Ireland gained the first place in front of Russian Lubov Leonteva and Emelie Dahl.
The overall results for Stelpe in Womens EMX class see Emelie Dahl first, Liubova Leonteva second and Sara Andersen third.
Sara Andersen is the new European Champion, and she confirmed the title she had won last year. “Did it again, it feels so good!” she commented. “I wanted to prove to anybody including myself that it was not randomly that I won last year. And I really think I have done that by being fastest qualifier in all rounds and winning 6 of 8 motos. And win the Championship with a good margin of points even though I had a bad second moto today. Today I won the first moto and got the holeshot in moto 2, crashed on the opening lap and broke my clutch lever, but rode my way back to 6th position anyway”.


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