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CEV Repsol Moto2 and European Talent Cup at Valencia (Spain) – Day 2

This weekend the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo is hosting the fourth round of the FIM CEV Repsol.
In Moto2™, Eric Granado (Promoracing, photo1) earned a double victory and in the European Talent Cup Álex Toledo (Cradle of Champions, photo2) got on the top step of the podium for the first time.
In Moto2™, Eric Granado (Promoracing) took a double win at a circuit where he always performs well and where he won last season. The first race of the Moto2™ European Championship was stopped on the first lap after a fall involving Xavier Cardelús (Team Stylobike) and Marc Luna (Team Wimu CNS), while Héctor Garzó (Team Wimu CNS) was heading the race.
Once the race – reduced to 12 laps – restarted, the Team Wimu CNS rider once again took the lead, followed by Ricky Cardús (Team Stylobike), Lukas Tulovic (Forward Junior Team), Eric Granado (Promoracing), Dimas Ekky (Astra Honda Racing Team) and Steven Odendaal (NTS Sportscode T Pro). Héctor Garzó (Team Wimu CNS) broke away but Ricky Cardús (Team Stylobike) and Eric Granado (Promoracing) chased him down and passed him.
With two laps remaining, the Promoracing rider overtook the current leader of the category to win his first race of the season while Héctor Garzó (Team Wimu CNS) finished third ahead of a courageous David Sanchís (Easyrace M2). Eric Granado (Promoracing) was awarded the Repsol free fuel cheque. In Superstock 600, Paul Defour (JEG Racing) finished as the best classified in the category.
In the second Moto2™ race, Eric Granado (Promoracing) and Héctor Garzó (Team Wimu CNS) took turns in the lead over the first few laps, but from the third onwards the Promoracing rider settled into the first position while Ricky Cardús (Team Stylobike) fell back.
Héctor Garzó’s (Team Wimu CNS) fall on the fifth lap came as a shock and then David Sanchís (Easyrace M2) also went down, taking Lukas Tulovic (Forward Junior Team) – who had once again made a great start – with him. The winner of the first race went clear pursued by Steven Odendaal (NTS Sportscode T.Pro) and Ricky Cardús (Team Stylobike), who would eventually pass the reigning Moto2™ European Championship champion to finish the race second while Steven Odendaal (NTS Sportscode T.Pro), claimed third, his first podium of the season.
Eric Granado (Promoracing) was awarded the Repsol free fuel cheque. Paul Dufour (JEG Racing) was once again the best Superstock 600 rider. After the day’s results, Ricky Cardús (Team Stylobike) continues as Moto2™ European Championship leader although tied on 90 points with Eric Granado (Promoracing) while Steven Odendaal (NTS Sportscode T.Pro) is third with 65 points and Héctor Garzó (Team Wimu CNS) slips back to fourth place with 63 points. Phillippe Le Gallo (Yamaha Laglisse) still leads Superstock 600 with 85 points.

Álex Toledo (Cradle of Champions) took his first victory in the European Talent Cup in a race marked by the early fall of Manuel González (Halcourier Racing) and a thrilling last lap in which Francisco Gómez (Team Larresport) and Peetu Paavilainen (H43 Team Nobby) crashed out as they fought for the win.
Right from the start Miguel Parra (Blumaq HMA R.) took the lead followed by poleman Francisco Gómez (Team Larresport), Manuel González (Halcourier Racing) and Álex Toledo (Cradle of Champions). Category leader González went down on the first lap and the leading group pulled clear. With five laps remaining, Miguel Parra (Blumaq HMA R.) passed Francisco Gómez (Team Larresport) who had led much of the race, to head the race with Peetu Paavilainen (H43 Team Nobby) and Álex Toledo (Cradle of Champions) on his heels. Eduard Melgar (Grupo Machado-CAME) and Alejandro Díez (Team Honda Impala) had already fallen adrift.
On the last lap Francisco Gómez (Team Larresport) fell and took down Peetu Paavilainen (H43 Team Nobby), handing the win on a plate to Álex Toledo (Cradle of Champions), who was accompanied on the podium by Miguel Parra (Blumaq HMA R.) and Alejandro Díez (Team Honda Impala). Álex Toledo (Cradle of Champions) received the Repsol free fuel cheque and is the new leader of the category with 64 points followed by Andreas Pérez (Reale Avintia Academy) on 56 points and Manuel González (Halcourier Racing) on 52.
The fifth round of the FIM CEV Repsol will take place in Estoril on 22 and 23 July.
All the race results and information about the Championship is on the official website:
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