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Coronavirus Emergency

Coronavirus Emergency
Point of view by the FIM Europe and President Mr Martin de Graaff

Worldwide the situation becomes every day tougher. The Coronavirus outbreak emergency is changing our way of life and habits.

The FIM Europe is living an extreme moment, never happened before, and is preparing to face the coming months by implementing changes in the calendars and the way sporting events will be held.

Many rounds have already been cancelled, even if the aim of the FIM Europe is to run with all the programmed races, but also to postpone other future events if that becomes necessary.

This is a tough decision, motivated by the spirit of full cooperation with the current and future regulations, considering the difficult situation in Europe and the fact that the European Governments are communicating provisions in order to face the emergency.

Mr Martin De Graaff, FIM Europe President
“This is a tough time for everybody, not only in Europe, but in the whole world. The FIM Europe is facing this emergency with responsibility, already planning new dates for some postponed races respecting the new provisions by the Governments. The motorsport world is strong and solid in front of this situation and we’ll keep on working for our riders, in order to reschedule all the events in the calendars. The FIM Europe is constantly monitoring the evolution of the situation, hoping to resume all the activities as soon as possible. In a difficult moment like this we ask everybody for a great sense of responsibility: FIM Europe’s priority is the total protection of the riders, organizers, public and all the staff involved in the events”.

Mr Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General
“FIM Europe’s actions are guaranteed by the operation of the General Secretariat Staff and the regular activities of the management bodies with web meetings. Each member is in smart working as the main priority is the security of the employees. We are keeping on working in order to guarantee all the activities. The Executive Board is in constant contact to ensure maximum responsiveness in these difficult times. Press releases and a continuous communication will inform about any change. My staff and each member of all the sporting and non sporting commissions are continuing to work in order to provide the resumption of all the activities as soon as possible”.