Change format for EMX 125 2 Stroke and EMX250cc

aboutuemDue to the magnificently high number of entries for the 125 2 stroke (69 entries) European Championship and the 250 (94) European Championship for Portugal, Youthstream and FIM Europe are delighted to be able to announce a change in the race format for these Championships permitting every rider to race.

The former format would have sent home more than 50% of the riders after the timed practice not allowing them the chance to race, however it is imperative for the young riders to be able to race in order to improve.

Youthstream sees the European Championship as the base of our sport’s pyramid and it’s fantastic to see the number and quality of riders increase with each year.

The format will consist of 2 groups for the free practices, 2 groups for the timed practices, 2 semi-final races and a last-chance race on the Saturday, then the final will be held on Sunday and broadcasted live on MX-LIFE.TV. Points for these Championships will be given for the results of the final on Sunday.

(UEM Press Release 26/2013)