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FIM Europe MXGP Trainers meeting in Riga (Latvia)

Last weekend there was the 3rd trainers meeting in Riga (Latvia). This meeting was organised for the FIM Europe MX GP trainers from the North Europe (countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia etc.) with the aim of giving to participating trainers the MX-C certificate. All 16 trainers passed the proof and can now train at their local clubs riders after an educational program with final proof.

“In this traditional time of the year Riga is an important place for this training. The group is increasing with more trainers from different Federations“, stated Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe Vice-President. “After the training for the A and B certificate the trainers were educated for the C level.
“With this certificate they are able to work in their home country with these skills. The group of educated riders is growing in this way in Europe, which is important for better talent full riders and the safety in motocross“.