Enduro European Championship: day2 overall-win to Kristof Kouble

Enduro European Championship: day2 overall-win to Kristof Kouble

The Czech Kristof Kouble surprisingly won the second day of the Enduro European Championship.

Because of the bad weather with heavy rain, the organizer + defused parts of the track and the special tests, because in day1 only 70 of the 107 participants crossed the finish line.

Previous day’s winner, Albin Elowson, have had led more than half the time, but a gearbox damage on his motorcycle caused the Swede to check out prematurely. Shortly before, his compatriot Mikael Persson, yesterday’s third overall, had retired after a crash with electrical problems.

The only 19-year-old junior Rony Kytönen from Finland was able to finish second in the overall standings ahead of the Brits Jed Etcheles. In this order was the overall standings over the two days and Kouble continues the championship-lead in the overall class.

Both top-riders also won their cubic capacity class: Kouble the junior class 2/3, Kytönen the junior class 1. Etcheles starts as a junior with Kouble in the same class and therefore became second there.

The only Italian at the start was the former European Champion Maurizio Micheluz, who won the 250cc two-stroke class and finished fourth in the overall standings on day two. Directly behind him in fifth place was the only 17-year-old Max Ahlin, who finished fifth in the overall standings in the 125cc Youth Cup.

In the women’s class, Audrey Rossat, the former European Champion of 2014, won: the French rider benefited from her great experience on the demanding course and ended the day with the least penalty minutes – all other women, if they ever reached the finish line, had also been late on the course.