Bajas European Championship at Oleshki (Ukraine)

Day 1 – The 1st stage of the European Baja Championship started in Oleshky desert, Ukraine. It was a historical moment for Ukraine and Europe. The first day of the “Boss Baja Ukraine” began traditionally with a Super Special Stage (SSS) and Super Stage (SS), lenght of the tests was 12,1 km and 33,3 km long. In the extremely hot weather conditions the fastest rider from 8 participants who take part in European Championship in the bikes class was Anton Chornyi from Ukraine with time 40:13,48 , racing with KTM bike. In the same time Arcadiusz Lindner from Poland set the best result in the Quad Class with time 45:44,37 driving with BRP Renegate 800 vehicle. Also a female rider, Olga Rouckova from Czech Republic, competed in the Quad Class.

For the riders it was a pretty interesting and hard day due to hot weather (41° C) and nature conditions.
Day 2 – The European Baja Championship continued in Oleshky desert. The track covered was 12% hard ground (steppe), 28% forests and sands, 60% sandy desert. The race started early in the morning. All participants successfully completed first the 155,2 km (SS-3) and continued race with a SS-4. Due to serious weather conditions (storm with a extremely strong wind, rain and hail) SS-4 was cancelled. The fastest rider in bikes class was yesterday’s race leader Anton Chornyi from Ukraine with a time 162:27,18 ahead to Sahin Firat from Turkey but due to received penalties + 120 minutes he lost the leader position and after Day 2 is ranked in 8th position. Olga Rouckova (CZE) continued leading in women quad class but Oleksii Schhrbakov took the lead in Quad class.
Both days were held successfully without any crashes or big issues, no riders needed any medical help and all participants reached the finish line without any technical problems.

Day 3 – After yesterday’s storm Day 3 started in calm weather. Zyrin Bogdan and Bashynskyi Oleksandr had some technical problems and they lost all hopes of victory. Three riders were fighting for victory: one of them was yesterday’s race leader Firat Sahin from Turkey racing with Husqvarna. He gave no chances to the rest of the riders. He set the fastest time in Day 3 and won the race in overall. At the same time Olga Rouckova (CZE) continued leading in women class (3:13:50,31) but Lindner Arcadiusz took the lead in Quad class.
Full results on FIM Europe website: