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Tout Terrain Rally Cup: Ro Rally Marathon

Tout Terrain Rally Cup: Ro Rally Marathon

The second event of the Tout Terrain Rally Cup was held in beautiful Romania from 18th to 23rd July with the Ro Rally Marathon, organized by Baja 500 Motorsport.
This prestigious event brought together rally raid and off-road motorsport enthusiasts from all over Europe and was organized under the aegis of FIM Europe and FRM.

The competition took place in Călărași, situated about 100 km east of Bucharest.

RO Rally Marathon participants covered impressive distances and passed through picturesque landscapes and extremely challenging terrain. The race took place over four very hot days, providing a continuous challenge and testing riders’ skills.

German rider Matthew Gird (KTM) ruled day1 and day2, but in the third day of competition had to withdrew because of a crash. At the end Nicola Quinto (Husqvarna) from Italy took the lead of the Overall classification and won the race ahead of Libor Podmol (Husqvarna) from Czech Republic and Mateo Bottino (Beta) from Italy.

Race winners
M2 class – Milos Sochor (Husqvarna), CZE
M3 class – Nicola Quinto (Husqvarna), ITA
M4 class – Mateo Bottino (Beta), ITA
M5 class – Francesco Piocci (KTM), ITA
M6 class – Sulleyman Aydin (Yamaha), TUR

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