Tout Terrain

Tout Terrain Rally Cup: Dinaric Rally

Tout Terrain Rally Cup:
Dinaric Rally

The Dinaric Rally was the perfect setting for the third and next to last round of the Tout Terrain Rally Cup. A unique experience that took participants through some of the most challenging terrain of Croatia, with a focus on navigation, endurance, and the thrill of the race.
Open to motorcycles, quads and SSVs featured a variety of stages and time trials. With its combination of high-speed racing, technical challenges, and breathtaking scenery, Dinaric Rally was the perfect destination for seasoned rally riders but also for motorsport enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.
The event was raced from 20th to 26th of August with special stages through endless fields, razor-sharp rocks, hills, mountains, rivers, ancient bridges, and more. Six days of racing particularly warm with the start at 7am and routes of 110 to 415 km per day.
Austrian rider Tobias Ebster (Husqvarna) ruled the Overall classification finishing first on all days. Behind him two Italian riders: second position for Christian Pastori (Husqvarna) and third for Matteo Bottino (Beta).

Race winners
M1 class – Paolo Carraro (Husqvarna), ITA
M2 class – Thomas Zoldos (Beta), FRA
M3 class – Tobias Ebster (KTM), Austrian
M4 class – Christian Pastori (Husqvarna), ITA
M5 class – Marco Rubbiani (KTM), ITA
M6 class – Sulleyman Aydin (Yamaha), TUR

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