Third round of Extreme Enduro in Kilsbergen (Sweden)

fim europeThe third race of Extreme Enduro European Cup was held yesterday in Kilsbergen just outside Örebro in Sweden. The track was about 10km long and had a lot of difficulties, both natural and built up obstacles. The weather was sunny and about 30 degrees celsius and the race time was 4 hours.

There was a prologue on Friday afternoon to decide starting order, and Jonny Walker (GBR) had the best time followed by Joakim Ljunggren (Sweden) and today the riders started after the results from the prologue with 10 sec distance between each rider.

Jonny Walker took the advantage to start first and never let anybody come close and was first all the way to the finish, second was Joakim Ljunggren and third Graham Jarvis (GBR).

It was a hard but fair race and a crowd of about 2000 was watching the race.


 Download here FIM Europe Press Release 123/2014