Road Racing

The Circuit of Albacete will host the UEM Road Racing EC in October

For the fifth consecutive year, the Circuit of Albacete will set the stage for the UEM European Championships to be held on the 6th and 7th of October 2012.

The contest, organized by the UEM and RFME, will give an opportunity to win European titles in the Moto3TM/125GP, 600 Supersport and Superstock 1000 categories. In addition that weekend there will be junior titles awarded in the first two categories for entrants aged 20 years and under.

As in previous years, the top five national champions of Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Netherlands are entitled to participate. Also permitted will be the top four Champions of Nordic, Eastern Europe and the Alpe-Adria region. The other participants will be elected by the Organization after studying the applications received as specified in the regulations. The deadline for registration is September 23rd. The entry forms can be downloaded from

This season the technical regulation will not change in 600 Supersport and Superstock 1000. However in the Moto3TM/125GP category changes will apply relating to the 2011 rules, with the appearance of the Moto3TM, which did not compete last year. This does not affect the regulations relating to the 125GP class. The technical regulations, as well as other information and news concerning the UEM Europe Championship is also available from

As extra incentive for participants in the Europe Championship there will be a purse over 90,000 Euro in prize money, which will be divided between the three categories.

The next event is scheduled for 9th of September in Vransko (Slovenia).

(UEM Press Release 58/2012)