Road Racing

Superstock 600cc European Championship and Junior Cup in Monza (Italy)

aboutuemThe third round of the Superstock 600cc Road Racing European Championship and the European Junior Cup were held this weekend in Monza (Italy). The competition was held under difficult weather conditions between 6 degrees and 22 degrees. In addition, the weekend was both rain and sun.

Both classes had very fine sporting results and there was fighting between many riders. EC Superstock 600 was marked by rain throughout the whole race. The start of the EC Superstock 600 was delayed 45 minutes after viewing the 3 minutes of the sign due to rain at the back of the field and then it developed to the whole track and race were publicly as “Wet Race” and shortened to 9 laps. The winner was Italian Nicolas Jr Morrentino (Yamaha), followed by Italian Luca Salvadori (Yamaha) and Italian Manuel Tatasciore (Yamaha).

FIM European Junior Cup was played with very close competition, 10 drivers were very close together throughout the race. The winner was French Robin Anne (Honda), followed by Swiss Adrian Pittet (Honda) and New Zealand Jake Lewis (Honda).

In the provisional rankings Belgian rider Gauthier Duwelz (Yamaha) is leading the Supersotck 600cc. EC with 57 points and the Italian rider Michael Canducci (Honda) is leading the European Junior Cup with 43 points.

The next race takes place on Saturday 9. June at Portimao, Portugal.

(UEM Press Release 39/2013)