Second day of the Enduro European Championship in Uhlirske Janovice (Czech Republic)

aboutuemAt the second day at the European Enduro-Championship in Uhlirske Janovice you have had nearly the same winners in the overall. The Italian Maurizio Micheluz won – but this time in front of his countryman Andrea Beconi, who was third on Saturday.

Now on position three a totally unknown rider: The German Andreas Beier, who is only a guest and this for had to start in the back of the field. That means that the KTM-rider had to overtake a lot of slower riders, starting just in front of him! Overall champion Maurizio Micheluz (Suzuki) won the E1-class too – this on second position the German Edward Hübner (Yamaha), while the Portuguese Luis Oliveira (Yamaha) became third. The overall second, Beconi (Yamaha), won the E2-class in front of Andreas Beier, who stopped first day with technical problems at his frontbrake. The Brit Tom Sagar became third with his handicap, a injured thumb at the right hand is his problem for more than two weeks. But Sagar saved his leadership in the championship: „I knew, I could not win with this handicap. But I did as many points as I hoped before.” In the E3-class we saw the same Italian podium as the day before: winner was Gianluca Martini (Beta) in front of Jacopo Cerutti (TM) and Marco Gritti (KTM) again. Gritti struggled twice and was unhappy about the power of his KTM 300. Best of all juniors was Diego Ventura (Yamaha) on 10th position in the overall. The Portuguese won the Junior-E2/E3-class in front of local Milan Engel (Husaberg) and the Italian Guido Conforti (KTM). At the juniors with 125 motors in the age unter 20 became Italian Nicolas Pellegrinelli (KTM) again first. The Czech Patrick Markvard (Husaberg) was second and the Svede Oliver Nelsson (Husaberg) third, after he fixed his motor in the first time-check. In the Junior-E1-class the Brit Jack Rowland (Husqvarna) felt like home in the wet and slippery ground and did not only win the day, even took back the leadership in the championship from Italian Tommaso Montanari (KTM). Montanari was at this das only third behind Rannar Uusna (Husaberg) from Estonia. It was his 50th (!) victory of a European-day. Veteran Werner Müller (KTM) from Austria did it again in front of the Czech Zdenek Gottvald (KTM) and the France Laurent Pannetier (KTM). Not even a crash in the very last test could stop Müller. The Swede Jessica Jonsson (GasGas) won both days in front of Sanna Karkkainen (KTM) from Finland. Karkkainen injured on the first day her left shoulder and fought more against the pain, but the France Audrey Rossat (KTM), only 0.4 seconds behind. After the best conditions on the first day it becomes rainy in the middle of the second day – the stage becomes slippery, specially the up- and downhills became more challenging. Nevertheless, the special-test where still good to ride.

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(FIM Europe Press Release 135/2013)