S4 and SM Junior European Championship: first victory for Alex Gourdeon Rafael in the S4 and Alex Serra Ginestra in the SM Junior

S4 and SM Junior European Championship:
first victory for Alex Gourdeon Rafael in the S4
and Alex Serra Ginestra in the SM Junior

Pictures copyright: Gerwin van Rosmalen – Info SupermotoPics

The Circuito de Alcarrás in Spain welcomed the fourth round of the S4 and SM Junior European Championship. Riders offered thrilling shows in their respective races: Gourdon Rafael took the victory in the S4 and home hero Alex Serra Ginestra triumphed in the SM Junior.

In Race1, as the red lights blinked off, pole man Francisco Gomez Requena (Husqvarna) took the lead of the race after pulling away at the first corner, chased by Alex Gourdon Rafael (Husqvarna) and Kevin Vandi (L30 Racing Tm Factory). Gomez Requena was affected by a technical problem in the first lap so was forced to leave the race and Gourdon Rafael and Kevin Vandi moved to the front. The Italian rider tried to keep the race pace of the leader, but preferred not to take any risks since his closest rival was offside. Theo Gourdon Rafael kept third spot for most of the session, but with two laps to go and a flat tyre had to leave his place to Loris Ford Dunn.

A few minutes after the start of Race2 heavy rain forced riders to mount rain tyres and a hard-fought battle for the victory took place among three rivals who opened a huge gap over the other challengers. Francisco Gomez Requena immediately took the lead tailgated by Alex Gourdon Rafael and Kevin Vandi. The race pace of the three riders was very impressive as they moved very far from the other riders within just a few laps. Gomez Requena kept the lead and made no mistake, furthermore he never gave the chance to his chasers to attack him. Kevin Vandi, third, tried to overtake once and for all Gourdon Rafael but could not complete his attempt.

French Alex Gourdon Rafael reached the first step of the podium, joined by second qualified Kevin Vandi and Francisco Gomez Requena was third. In the Championship standings Kevin Vandi remains the current red plate holder and strengthened his advantage.

S4 Classification Top Ten
1. GOURDON RAFAEL Alex (FRA, Husqvarna) Pts. 47,000 (25+22); 2. VANDI Kevin (ITA, TM) Pts. 42,000 (22+20); 3. GOMEZ REQUENA Francisco (ESP, Husqvarna) Pts. 38,000 (13+25); 4. FORD DUNN Loris (GBR, Husqvarna) Pts. 36,000 (20+16); 5. GOURDON RAFAEL Theo (FRA, Husqvarna) Pts. 33,000 (15+18); 6. TSCHOPP Janik (SUI, TM) Pts. 31,000 (16+15); 7. STAAB Marie Louise (GER, Husqvarna) Pts. 28,000 (14+14); 8. PAPALINI Lorenzo (ITA, TM) Pts. 27,000 (18+9); 9. RAMIREZ Marcos (ESP, Husqvarna) Pts. 0,000 (0+0).

SM Junior
The SM Junior Race1 had just one protagonist, Spanish Max Serra Ginesta, who took the lead of the race right after the start and opened a huge gap over rivals; this allowed him to ride all nine laps without rivals getting any closer. Behind him, Matej Kokes could not do anything to keep up with the leader’s pace. Third place was hard fought but went to red plate holder Andrea Benvenuti who succeeded despite a tough start.

In Race2 Max Serra Ginesta stretched away at the start to take the lead of the race and no rider could get any closer to him in this circuit where he opened a huge gap over rivals after just a few laps and was the first to cross the finish line after a solo race.

Behind him riders battled it out for the top positions. Kokes was second after the first corner and Andrea Benvenuti tried to overtake two rivals at the first corner but failed. However, the Italian rider worked his way up till the second place in the first laps also taking advantage of Koke’s mistake in the off-road. Unfortunately, Benvenuti was affected by mechanical problems which slowed him down, so he qualified in the final positions. Riccardo Andreotti finished in second and Nathan Terraneo was third.

The podium went to Serra Ginestra, as well as second qualified Andreotti and Kokes was third. The latter is once again the Championship leader.

SM Junior Classification Top Ten
1. SERRA GINESTA Max (ESP, GasGas) Pts. 50,000 (25+25); 2. ANDREOTTI Riccardo (ITA, KTM) Pts. 40,000 (18+22); 3. KOKES Matej (CZE, Husqvarna) Pts. 40,000 (22+18); 4. TERRANEO Nathan (SUI, KTM) Pts. 36,000 (16+20); 5. BENVENUTI Andrea (ITA, KTM) Pts. 31,000 (20+11); 6. BERECZKI David Zsolt (HUN, Husqvarna) Pts. 30,000 (15+15); 7. CORNOLTI Daniele (ITA, GasGas) Pts. 29,000 (13+16); 8. EBELMANN Rasmus (EST, Husqvarna) Pts. 28,000 (14+14); 9. MOOSES Robin Robert (EST, Husqvarna) Pts. 25,000 (12+13); 10. BANG Lorenz (GER, KTM) Pts. 20,000 (10+10).

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