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Report from the UEM Congress in Belgrade

aboutuemThe 17th UEM Congress ended yesterday the 1st of July in Belgrade. The event was perfectly organized by the Moto Association of Serbia (MSS) with the participation of delegates from 38 European National Motorcycling Federations.

The meeting helped the different Commissions to analyse and understand the current situation of European championships and to asses which innovations should be planned for next year.

Already scheduled in 2010 at the Porto UEM Congress, in name of a healthy alternation of roles, the German Mr Wolfgang Glas took the place of the British Mr Ted Bartlett in the position of first UEM Vice-President and of Sporting Council Chairman.

The Management Council, after thanking Mr Bartlett for the great work done up to these days, assigned to him the management of the “UEM Academy” project and the temporary presidency of the Road Racing & Drag Racing Commission, following the resignation of Mr Ap Ruitenbeek.

The General Assembly, after the approval of the 2011 Balance Sheet and the 2012 Budget, elected for other two years Mr Luigi Favarato as UEM Vice-President and remitted to FIM any decision concerning the problematic issue undergoing in the Czech Republic, with two Federations operating in the country.

The Assembly examined also the possibility to change the UEM name into FIM Europe, as requested by FIM, and postponed any decision to a next extraordinary Assembly. The Assembly awarded also the title of UEM Honorary Member to Mr Francesco Zerbi and Mr Giuliano Gemo, and the title of Honorary Member of the Supermoto Commission to Mr György Kökenyesi and celebrated the anniversaries of the Belgian Federation (100 years), Luxembourg and Finland (90 years) and Romania (85 years).

The UEM Congress, which had as honorary guests FIM President Mr Vito Ippolito, the FIM Vice-President, Mr Nasser Khalifa Al Atya, who came expressly from Qatar, and FIM CEO, Mr Stéphen Desprez, ended with a well-attended conference on road safety and with a meeting of the General Secretaries, during which were also presented some extremely interesting new projects.