Introduction to the Enduro EC round in Estonia

aboutuemAll quiet before the storm. After the first round in Arsie (Italy) follows a two month break before the next round on 21/22 July takes place in Pairkuse (Estonia).

GARDIOL JORDI I VALENTI Winning 50ccFor the first time the Enduro European Championship is visiting the most northern country of the Baltic States, where as to now only Motocross is highly recognized. Despite this fact, riders from Estonia have been showing up in the present standings, like veteran Toivo Nikopensius, Tonu Kallast in the seniors and not forgetting Martin Leok, who at the moment stands in third place in the E2/E3 juniors.

The next round will follow a week later (28/29 July) still in a Baltic, only 200 km away, in Ogre near Riga (Latvia). The proximity will make it easier and cost effective for riders to travel from one country to another. But before Leok, Nikopensius and their countrymen can take advantage of home turf, 16-year old Italian Jordi Gardiol from Pinerolo (Italy) has already ridden home two wins in the 50ccm-Cup (see photo enclosed). This class will only be ridden in Italy due to the popularity there. Not surprisingly Gardiol already won the class. Following in his father’s footsteps who in the 80’s and 90’s was a successful Enduro rider.

Event dates 2012

21/22 July Paikusse (Estonia)

28/29 July Ogre (Latvia)

17-19 August Krompachi (Slovakia)