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Qualifying practices of the Road Racing EC in Albacete

aboutuemToday’s qualifying practices of the Road Racing European Championship took place in a sunny day at Albacete. The pole position is all Spanish.

The Spanish rider Albert Arenas (Honda), gained the pole position in 125GP/Moto3 class.

Here below the times in the Moto3 – 125GP classes:

1- Albert Arenas/SPA, Honda 01:34,780

2- Fraser Rogers/GBR, KRM M3-01 01:34,809

3- Juan Fran Guevara/SPA, FTR Honda 01:34,995

4- Marcos Ramirez/SPA, FTR Honda 01:35,193

5- Jorge Navarro/SPA, Honda 01:35,215

In Supersport 600 the pole is of Jordi Torres/SPA on Yamaha.

Here below also the times in the Supersport 600:

1- Jordi Torres/SPA, Yamaha 01:31,317

2- Jaroslav Cerny/SVK Yamaha 01:32,242

3- Oscar Climent/SPA Yamaha 01:32,718

4- Daniel Bukowski/POL Suzuki 01:32,871

5- Stefan Kerschbaumer/AUT 01:32,874

In Superstock 1000 the pole is of the Spanish Adrian Bonastre/SPA on Suzuki.

Here below the times in the Superstock 1000 class:

1- Adrian Bonastre/SPA, Suzuki 01:29,446

2- Carmelo Morales/SPA Kawasaki 01:29,845

3- Xavier Fores/SPA BMW Motorrad 01:29,934

4- Antonio Alarcos/SPA Kawasaki 01:30,102

5- Ivan Silva/SPA Kawasaki 01:30,108

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(UEM Press Release 157/2012)