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Hill Climb European Championship: Italy hosted round 4

Hill Climb European Championship:
Italy hosted round 4

Pictures copyright: Giorgio Panacci

The fourth round of the Hill Climb European Championship took place in the beautiful mountains of Umbria region, near the old city of Spoleto, Italy, on a track winding up the mountain to Forca di Cerro.
The championship has 5 classes: 250 GP, SuperSport 300, SuperSport 600, SuperBike and SuperMoto.
In good weather conditions riders from five different nations faced free practices, qualifying and two races.
In 250 GP both races were ruled by Italian rider Guido Testoni, who is leading the championship ahead of Bernard Depierreux, second in Italy, and Rolf Haller, third.
Daniele Stolli from Italy won both races of SuperSport 300, increasing the gap in the standings where he is the leader ahead of countrymen Gionata Grassi and Marco Vigilucci.
Double win for Maurizio Bottalico in SuperSport 600, while Tiziano Rosati confirmed a double second.

In SuperBike the qualifying saw French rider Jean Luc David and the Italian Maurizio Bottalico have the same time. In the first race Bottalico managed to pull away from David, but only with a time difference of 0,7 sec. and a speed difference of 1 km/h. The track included two chicanes to keep the speed down on the straights: if a rider went over the chicane, it was a track limit violation with a penalty of 3 seconds. In race 2 Bottalico crossed the chicane losing the first position and giving the win to David. Now they are both leader of the standings with 45 points. The final score will be settled at the final event in September.
Double win for Carmine Matarazzo in SuperMoto class.

Final results
250 GP race 1/race2
1.    Guido Testoni, ITA
2.    Bernard Depierreux, BEL
3.    Rolf Haller, SWI

SuperSport 300 race 1/race2
1.    Daniele Stolli, ITA
2.    Gionata Grassi, ITA
3.    Marco Vigilucci, ITA

SuperSport 600 race 1/race2
1.    Maurizio Bottalico, ITA
2.    Tiziano Rosati, ITA

SuperBike race 1
1.    Maurizio Bottalico, ITA
2.    Jean Luc David, FRA
3.    Davis Lignite, ITA

SuperBike race 2
1.    Jean Luc David, FRA
2.    Maurizio Bottalico, ITA
3.    Davis Lignite, ITA

SuperMoto race 1/race2
1.    Carmine Matarazzo, ITA
2.    Yuri Storniolo, ITA
3.    Cosimo Sozzo, ITA

250 GP
1.    Guido Testoni, ITA, 50 points
2.    Bernard Depierreux, BEL, 40 points
3.    Rolf Haller, SWI, 32 points

SuperSport 300
1.    Daniele Stolli, ITA, 50 points
2.    Gionata Grassi, ITA, 40 points
3.    3.Marco Vigilucci, ITA, 32 points

SuperSport 600
1.    Maurizio Bottalico, ITA, 50 points
2.    Tiziano Rosati, ITA, 40 points

1.    Jean Luc David, FRA, 45 points
2.    Maurizio Bottalico, ITA, 45 points
3.    Davis Lignite, ITA, 32 points

1.    Carmine Matarazzo, ITA, 50 points
2.    Yuri Storniolo, ITA, 40 points
3.    Cosimo Sozzo, ITA, 32 points

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