GIANT Snowmobile Enduro European Cup at Kemijärvi (Finland)

The first round of GIANT Snowmobile Enduro FIM European Cup was held at Kemijärvi, in Finland, with 29 participants, in front of around 200 spectators in the first day and 500 in the second day. The weather was cloudy, with temperatures from -3 to -8 C° degrees and about 1 meter of snow.

Day 1 – Nice and long special tests were challeanging for the riders. Three special tests were more than 50 km long and one was shorter for spectators near the city.
In the Veteran class among the participants there were Tapio Nevala President of Finnish Motorcycle Federation (photo1) and Kurt Ljungqvist General Secretary (photo2). The winners in day one were Tuula Havumäki in Women, Saku Niskanen in the Junior, Teppo Käkelä in the Senior, Jukka Nyberg in the Veteran.
Day 2 – During the night and morning about 5 cm of snow fell down so conditions were trickier in the morning. Also in the Day 2 there were three long (over 50 km) and one short special test during the day. A few riders run out of petrol due to heavier conditions on the track, one of them was winner of day 1 in senior class Teppo Käkelä.

Also the winner from first day in junior class Saku Niskanen had a problem in day 2 and was out of the race early. The tests were well prepared and also well marked.

The winners were: Tuula Havumäki in the Women, Onni Hosio in Junior, Markus Roine in the Senior, Jukka Nyberg in the Veteran.

The European Cup winners are Tuula Havumäki in the Women, Onni Hosio in the Junior Jesse Hottinen in the Senior Arctic, Jukka Nyberg Veteran.
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