Fourth round of the MAXXIS EMX Quad EC in Kivioli (Estonia)

aboutuemThe fourth round of the MAXXIS EMX Quad EC took place on a perfectly prepared track at an organizer with high knowledge in MX Sport. The weather was perfect and got still warmer on Sunday (up to 25°). The Qualifying practice was won by the Championship Leader, Jeremie Warnia, FFM on his DWT in front of Latvian Edgars Mengelis, Yamaha, 1.451 sec behind, and in a distance of 1.309 sec to Mengelis Mike van Grinsven, KNMV, got third.

In the EMX Quad, Heat 1, holeshot went to Olli Koskela, SML, Yamaha. After lap 1 Edgar Mengelis was in the lead, Koskela 2nd and Warnia already in the 3rd position. After 6 laps Warnia could overtake Mengelis and could keep first position over the remaining 12 laps. Also van Grinsven came up from 5th into 3rd position and this order didn’t change until to the finish: Warnia – Mengelis – van Grinsven. But van Grinsven was not lucky this afternoon, his (and also Olari Saarme’s Quad) were to loud in the Noise control and got as punishment + 1 min. So van Grinsven lost his 3rd place and has been placed as 7th! Happy about the Bronze place was the Finnish rider Olli Koskela in front of Latvian Ralfs Reinfelds and the best two Estonian riders Jupaschevski and Järvloo.

In the EMX Quad, Heat 2, holeshot went to Sten Jupaschevski, Estonia, Honda, but he came back after lap 1 only in 7th position. After lap 1 Jeremie Warnia was in the lead, Koskela 2nd and Latvian Karlis Bole 3rd. Warnia was the whole heat in the lead and won also the 2nd heat, gathering 50 points in Kivioli. Coming from position 5 in the beginning Edgars Mengelis already after 4 laps came up into 2nd place, which he kept until finish. Netherlands van Grinsven climbed up one position into third one and got 3rd, now without noise malus. A very good 4th place went to Olli Koskela, SML, followed by Sten Jupaschevski, the best Estonish rider.

Warnia now leads the provisional rankings with 195 points in front of Mike Van Grindsven with 150 points.

The next round is scheduled in August (10th and 11th) in Kegums (Latvia).


(FIM Europe Press Release 113/2013)