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First meeting of FIM Europe new Management Council

Management Council RigaFrom the left, sitting Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President and Martin De Graaff, FIM Europe First Deputy President. Standing, Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe second Deputy President, Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General, Jean-Pierre Mougin, Honorary President, Andrzej Witkowski, Honorary Vice-President, Silvia Monatti FIME Administration Dept., and the Vice-Presidents Michal Sikora, Nina Birjukova, Juhani Halme, Michel Turk and Jan Stovicek 

RIGA (Latvia) – The first meeting of the new FIM Europe Management Council has taken place in Riga on Monday 29th September 2014.

It has been decided to join this meeting to the Motocross of Nations held in Kegums on the 28th September, in order “to be present on spot” and to have the opportunity to meet the representatives of the European Federations present at the event. This direct contact will be searched for as much as possible, to be in close contact with the FMNs, getting an updated knowledge of their needs.

The agenda of this first meeting was really busy and has generated a long lasting but profitable meeting.

Among the discussed subjects and taken decisions, we can highlight the report of the President on the first quarter of activity of his mandate, the confirmation of Alessandro Sambuco as Secretary General for the next 4 years and the approval of the reorganization plan of the General Secretariat, submitted by the SG, which will be implemented as soon as the necessary financial means for the 2015 budget is found. It should be mentioned also the appointment of all Commission and Panel Members and the preparation of the 2015 projects for which contributions will be requested to the FIM.

At the end of the meeting, FIM Europe President Dr. Wolfgang Srb, was satisfied with the results. «I am very happy with the work that has been carried out in favour of the European Federations. The Management Council works close together in a most professional way», Dr. Srb commented.