First day of the Enduro European Championship in Uhlirske Janovice (Czech Republic)

aboutuemAt the third competition of the Enduro-European-Championship in Uhlirske Janovice / CZ the Italian Maurizio Micheluz won the overall in front of his country people Gianluca Martini an Andrea Beconi. – For this three different classes and three different brand of bikes (Suzuki, Beta, Yamaha) are on the top position!

Overall winner Maurizio Micheluz (Suzuk) won with a huge gap also the E1-class in front of the Portuguese Luis Oliveira (Yamaha) and the German Edward Hübner (Yamaha). The overall-second Martini won the E3-class too – in front of his countrymen Jacopo Cerutti (TM) and Mirko Gritti (KTM). The third in the overall, Beconi (Yamaha), won the E2-class in front of the british rider Jamie Lewis (Honda) and the Frenchman Romain Dumontier (Yamaha). Allready at place 6 in the overall the first Junior was Nicolas Pellegrinelli (KTM): Pellegrinelli won the Junior E1 with the smaller displacement engines. Second in this class became Adam Tomicek (KTM) from Poland and third was the Italian Ricardo Crippa (Husaberg). Due to technical problems with the gearbox, the swedisch rider Oliver Nelsson (Husaberg) arrived only on fourth position. In the Juniors E2/E3-class with the bigger displacement engines wonn Pawel Szymkowski (KTM) from Poland in front of the Portuguese Diego Ventura (Yamaha) and the Italien Guido Conforti (KTM). As already expected the Veteran Werner Müller (KTM) from Austria took the victory in front of the Frenchman Laurent Pannetier (KTM) and the Czech Zdenek Gottvald (KTM). Müller remains unbeaten and coming closer to his title defense.

The organizers presented a nearly perfect track: Classic Enduro through the woods with steep up- and downhills – No chance for the riders to recover, but a much challenging terrain. The three special have had many places of meadows and just the two cross tests were to look good for the spectators. The good weather made the day: Dry, slightly sunny, slightly windy – the perfect conditions for a fantastic competition.

All results, standings and photos also on the Championship website:


(FIM Europe Press Release 132/2013)