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Final meeting of the FIM Europe Management Council in 2023

Final meeting of the
FIM Europe Management Council in 2023

From left to right: Roy N. Wetterstad, Juhani Halme, Manuel Marinheiro, Michal Sikora, Alessandro Sambuco, Martin de Graaff, Nicoleta Melania Olariu,
Stijn Rentmeesters, Francesco C. Mezzasalma, Rodolfo Romeo, Silvia Monatti.

The FIM Europe Management Council met at the General Secretariat in Fiumicino (Rome) on Sunday 26th November.

At the presence of the Honorary President Martin de Graaff and Vice Presidents, a lot of topics were discussed. During the meeting the usual points were on the agenda, including the Reports of the President, 1st and 2nd Deputy Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretary General.

The chairmen of the Sporting and Beyond-Sporting Council reported about Saturday’s meetings and councils, discussing about the 2023 season and next 2024 plans and proposals.
Michal Sikora, FIM Europe President
“We have just finished an intensive but productive weekend in new location of EUR district in Rome. On Saturday we had meetings of all the Commissions: it has been very good for all our members to exchange their knowledge and experiences. On Sunday we had the last Management Council meeting of this year. We had discussed the outcome of the season as well as various proposal from commissions and applications for 2024 calendar”.

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