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FIM Europe met in Rome for Sporting and Beyond-Sporting Commissions’ Meetings

FIM Europe met in Rome
for Sporting and Beyond-Sporting Commissions’ Meetings

The FIM Europe Sporting and Beyond-Sporting Commissions’ meetings took place on Saturday, November 25th, in Rome at the presence of the FIM Europe President Michal Sikora, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco and all the FIM Europe office staff: Paola Bianchetti and Silvia D’Amico, responsible for sport matters, Silvia Monatti and Andrea Diamantini, responsible for beyond sporting matters. The day was also attended by the FIM Sport Director Jean Paul Gombeaud.
In the late afternoon the Sporting and Beyond-Sporting Councils were chaired by the 1st Deputy President Manuel Marinheiro and the 2st Deputy President Roy N. Wetterstad.
Today the Management Council is going to meet in the FIM Europe headquarter in Fiumicino.

Manuel Marinheiro, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President
“All the Sporting Commissions’ meetings took place today in Rome. It’s the first time the FIM Europe organizes all the meetings together, for a full and productive day of work. All the Commissions discussed present topics and decided about the future. The chairmen motivated all the members to continue their important work for our sport”.
Roy N. Wetterstad, 2nd Deputy President
“The Beyond Sporting Council and our three Commissions met in a friendly atmosphere in Rome. Politics, safety, environment and other important society issues are high on the agenda in our discussions. Organisational issues were also discussed, including how we can raise awareness in the national federations for the beyond sport work and how we can become stronger in this work together with the FIM”.

Road Racing Commission
Martin Hejduk, Chairman
The autumn RRC meeting confirmed all the progress of the 2023 sporting season. Great Mini Road Racing event was organized in Italy in the beginning of the season as well as good improvements were registered in the SSP300 and STK1000 European CUP with positive prospective for the upcoming season. The Idea of the RRC is to add SuperSport European CUP to complete the Pyramid between SSP300 and STK1000. Road to MotoGP program will be still part of the FIM Europe with NTC – ETC and under the promotion of Dorna. Big step on the Safety Standards for Circuits will be included into 2024 rules.

Drag Racing Commission
Job Heezen, Chairman
Friday afternoon the Commission had a meeting with DRE, the Promoter, to find a way to improve its involvement in the Championship. On Saturday were faced many topics as rules changes and plans for next season. Important decisions regarding Prostock bikes were taken and an addition to the Junior bikes was done. Soon the 2024 calendar will be announced.

Motocross & Snowcross Commission
Andrea Barbieri, Chairman
The Commission joined in Rome and had a successful day. The meeting went well with the main topics for discussion being 2024 championships and some amendments to the EMX regulations to bring them into line with FIM regulations at events. We are working on some new documentation to assist the officials at these events.

Supermoto Commission
Ivo Tsvetanov, Chairman
The autumn meeting put an end on the successful season 2023 and drew the directions in the development of the discipline for 2024. All events in the calendar of 2023 were analysed in order to be improved together with the common effort of the commission and the Promoter XIEM. The Calendar for 2024 is an exciting one, with new venues on the map as well as some returning ones. The Sporting Regulations will be correspondingly updated following the FIM CMS changes. As of 2024, the S3 Junior and S4 classes will move to a Cup status, and more support of the FMNs is needed in order to keep them active for the future.
Enduro & Rally Commission
Robert Svensson, Chairman
Fruitful meeting. TT Rally promoter, Mr Stamatis Meletis, was present discussing how to improve the Cup in the future. The Commission spoke about the Mini Enduro Trophy on closed course for young riders (12-16 years), that was successful and will become a cup next year with three races. In agenda also Baja, Enduro, Hard Enduro and SuperEnduro. Nicoleta Olariu, from the Management Council, participated to the meeting.

Track Racing Commission
Piotr Szymanski, Chairman
The meeting commenced with Medical Commission Chairman Srecko Magentic being invited to speak on a new initiative to record injured riders via an app called “Track Stats” which has been trialled in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix during 2023. The plan is to further develop this app for FIME competitions going forward. The FIM Sports Director gave an overview of the progression and development of electric bikes, together with some of the safety issues that need to be considered to ensure that both competitors and officials are safe should an accident or incident occur during a race. A number of rule changes/proposals were discussed and the 2024 Track Racing calendar was reviewed and finalised.

Trial Commission
Magnus Liljeblad, Chairman
The Commission approved 2023 results and the 2024 calendar. Discussions about a proposal to lower the age of the youth class from 12 to 10 years was faced, but most of the Commission’s members agreed to keep 12 years-old. The point in the agenda with a lot of good discussions was the one about the future of the sport, that should be more accessible in order to attract more young riders. The Commission agreed that the work has to be done together with federation and clubs. At the end all the members thanked Anders Minken for his commitment in the Commission.

Motoball Commission
Pascale Reschko Jacquot, Chairwoman
The Commission reviewed the 2023 season and discussed about guidelines and terms for the European Motoball Champion Cup in 2024.

Vintage Commission
José Campos Costa, Chairman
The Commission faced a productive meeting with open discussions from all members and fixed the dates for 2024 events. The point was made on the past season’s events in Road Racing, Enduro and Hill climb. For most of the disciplines it had been a good year, but support from riders in the Road Racing events had declined and discussions took place on how to reverse that trend by moving cut-off dates forward. This will mirror what is happening in Vintage events in the UK and Scandinavia in particular. Mr Jean Paul Gombeaud joined the meeting and outlined the FIM’s exciting plans to include Vintage machines in the future.

E-Bike Commission
Gianluca Avenoso, Chairman
In its second year of activity the Commission discussed about the realities operating in Europe and topics were addressed with the aim of encouraging the growth of this discipline which has enormous potential. The sector offers new opportunities every day and it is absolutely necessary to be prepared to embrace the opportunities that the market offers to organize increasingly attractive events for riders and spectators.

Public Affairs Commission
Dimitris Margaritis, Chairman
The Commission held a comprehensive discussion covering crucial matters. These included the involvement of FMNs in Public Affairs activities, upcoming European Parliament elections and new directives impacting motorcycling, such as the Vehicle End of Life and the Driving Licence. Acknowledging the multitude of European issues, the members highlighted the necessity of involvement and support from significant FMNs like those representing the French, German, and Spanish motorcycle communities.

Touring Commission
Panagiotis Kalaitzis, Chairman
The Commission evaluated the progress made over the past year and set new targets for 2024. The two touring events of 2023, the Lapland Experience and the FIM-Europe Club, were very successful, both in quality and attendance, setting new participation records. Both of them will be repeated in 2024: the Lapland Experience from 20th to 22nd March in Rovaniemi, while the Club Meeting is tba. In addition, the Tour Assistants Training & Certification program, to be carried out in Istanbul, Turkey in mid-August, will be extended to three days. The next year will see the launching of a totally new project for FIM Europe: the 1st European Women Riders Meeting, to be carried out with the cooperation of the FIM Women’s Commission and the kind assistance of the FMI. Early July, the Dolomites area of Bolzano will be welcoming women riders from all over Europe, to tour the area, exchange ideas and experiences and get to know each other.

Environment Commission
Grazyna Makowska, Chairwoman
The Commission met once by Zoom after the Congress in Zaragoza and before Rome. On this occasion the members visited the sporting commissions for a short presentation of the activities and showed their expectations for better cooperation in the future. Next year the FIM Europe will celebrate 10 years of the project “Green Education Strategy”: it’s important to continue and educate not only young riders, but also environmental stewards and organisers of motorcycle events. In the nearest future the Commission will present the manuals for environmental stewards and organisers.