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FIM Europe Management Council at Fiumicino (Italy)

The FIM Europe Management Council meeting was held today in Fiumicino, near Rome (Italy).
Many important topics have been discussed, like the report of the President, the report of the Secretary General, the report of the Chairman of the Sporting Council, the report of the Chairman of the Non-Sporting Council, as well as various reports from the other Vice-Presidents.
During the FIM Europe Management Council meeting, special attention was given to the report of the Treasurer, as well as the report of the Auditors. The 2017 Balance-Sheet was unanimously approved and so was the 2018 Budget.

From the left, Silvio Manicardi, Jean-Marc Desnues, Jan Stovicek, Nina Birjukova, Tapio Nevala, Michal Sikora, Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, Juhani Halme, Alessandro Sambuco, Andrea Diamantini, Silvia Monatti, Laurent Delbroek, Martin de Graaff and Rodolfo Romeo

The preparation of the FIM Europe Congress in Nantes, France (June 29th-July 1st 2018) is proceeding according to plans.
The event was preceded by the annual meeting of the Auditors for the usual internal auditing, which took place on March 16th at the premises of the General Secretariat in Rome.
“During the meeting, we verified the very good results for FIM Europe in 2017, and its perfect organization in financial matters. There is a very good cooperation in the team”, stated Laurent Delbroek, President of the FIM Europe Auditors.
“The accounting system gives us a lot of information and this is helping us very much in our job”, added Tapio Nevala, member of the FIM Europe Auditors.
“Also this year, thanks to the work of the whole Staff, we have obtained a positive result regarding our 2017 balance sheet”, said Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General. “I have to say once again thanks to the Staff and to the Management of our Organization for the achievement”.

“To see the efforts of a whole working season realized – for the control of expenditure and the creation of the right conditions to get new income – represents undoubtedly a great satisfaction and source of motivation to do always better and better”.
“The Management Council has taken some urgent decisions before the season is starting”, stated Martin de Graaff, chairman of the Sporting Commission. “After the meeting of the Sporting Commissions in October/November, there are always developments and new ideas coming up for the next season. From now on, we will see many events on our sports calendars with good rules and good decisions. We wish all riders and organizers a lot of success”.

From the left the Auditors Tapio Nevala and Laurent Delbroek
“Particular attention was given to our position in Brussels, on all the upcoming threats and opportunities and to the tourist activities which have such a big role in motorcycling in Europe”, stated Silvio Manicardi, chairman of the Non-Sporting Commission.
“About financial issues FIM Europe is on the right way, arrangements for the Auditors were perfect. We received the correct, full replies to all our questions and also the book-keeping system is very clear and informative”, stated Laurent Delbroek, President of the FIM Europe Auditors and Tapio Nevala, member of the Auditors Commission.
“I am very happy with the results of the meeting”, stated FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb. “Sporting as well as Non-Sporting activities develop very well, European Federations, organisers, clubs and volunteers are working very hard to achieve their goals. They deserve a lot of respect and credit.
This was the last meeting before the Congress in Nantes and the right occasion to say thank you to the members of the Management Council as well as the staff for an excellent cooperation in the past four years”, concluded Dr Wolfgang Srb.