EMX65/85 SW Zone at Bosisio Parini (Italy)

The first round of SW Zone EMX65/85 European Championship kicked off at Basisio Parini, in Italy, with 88 riders at the start: 42 in EMX 65 and 46 in EMX 85.
On Saturday the weather was rainy but the track was really well prepared thanks to the great job of the organizers; on Sunday it was cloudy but with no rain.

EMX 65
In the qualification race group A the winner was Sandro Lobo from Portugal, 10,7 sec ahead of Slovanian Jaka Peklaj who set the fastest lap. Third place for Italian Mattia Barbieri. In the qualification race group B home rider Patrick Busatto won, arriving 11,6 sec ahead of French Jules Pietre. Third place for Spanish Manuel Lopez Carreras.
At the end of Race1 there were three young Italian riders on the podium: Patrick Busatto, who won 3,04 sec ahead of Alessandro Gaspari and Brando Rispoli on the third step.
In Race2 Sandro Lobo lead all the race long and won 19,46 sec ahead of Mattia Barbieri. Race1 winner Alessandro Gaspari finished in third position, 27 sec behind the race leader.
The overall podium went to Alessandro Gaspari, Patrick Busatto and Mattia Barbieri.

EMX 85
The qualification race group A went to Spanish Raul Sanchez Garcia, who finished 7,08 seconds ahead of Italian Nicolo Turaglio. Third place for Spanish Edgar Canet. In the qualification group B the winner was Italian Daniel Gimm, 9,21 sec ahead of French Quentin Marc Prugnieres. Third position for French Enzo Casat.
In Race1 the qualification leader Raul Sanchez Garcia won in front of French riders David Guillemont Sheid and Quentin Marc Prugnieres.
Raul Sanchez won Race2 as well, this time finishing ahead of Italian Andrea Viano and of French Quentin Marc Prugnieres.
The overall winner of the event was Spanish Raul Sanchez Garcia, in front of Andrea Viano, who has the same points as French Quentin Marc Prugnieres.
The next race of the Championship will be held in Brezice, Slovenia on 21/22 April.
Full results on FIM Europe website:


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