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FIM Europe: Road Safety on top of the agenda

Chatterton RossThe themes of road incidentality, of industry responses and initiatives, of the systems to improve Road Safety, of 2-wheeler behaviour and safety have been of prior importance for FIM Europe since its foundation and every year during the FIM Europe Congress a Road Safety Conference is organized with the aim to focus on these important themes.
Mr. John Chatterton-Ross, Director of Public Affairs in FIM Europe and in FIM, was recently interviewed by  RACC – Royal Automobile Club of Catalunya on the themes of Road Safety.
 (The video can been watched here).

“This covers the major issues facing road safety for riders”, states Mr John Chatterton Ross. “The need for fair enforcement of the traffic rules on all road users. The importance of the the road infrastructure, as this is often not safe for riders, being designed for cars. How emerging technologies can help improve safety. FIM Europe stresses the urgent need for new technology being developed by car manufactuers to be made compatible with the needs of other road users, especially motorcycle riders. It needs manufacturers who are in both the car and motorcycle industries (for example Honda and BMW) to take the lead on this”.
All these matters are dealt with in Mr Chatterton-Ross’s interview, with the invite to spread to the world of motorcycling safety the techonology which we is already in car industry.