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European Stocksport 300 Cup at Grobnik – Rijeka (Croatia)

This weekend the last round of European Stocksport 300 is being held at Grobnik, in Croatia. The 2017 European title has already been won by Daniel Blin, from Poland.
In qualifying practice, the fastest rider was Vojtech Schwarz (photo1) followed by Lenhart Ulbel (photo2), both on Yamaha bikes and Gasper Hudovernik on KTM, who is a very young rider from Slovenia.

He is taking part to a race for the first time and was very competitive from the beginning. His performance during the first race was also very awesome.

After a bad start he followed the field with a big gap. During the race he showed a perfect performance. With his fastest lap, 8 tenth of seconds faster than the winner Vojtech Schwarz, he impressed spectators and officials.

Race 1 saw Vojtech Schwarz (ACCR) winning in front of Lenhart Ulbel (AMF) and Gasper Hudovernik (AMZS, photo3).
During this weekend also ICGP and Supermono Cup are taking place in Grobnik.



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