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European Stocksport 300 Cup at Grobnik-Rijeka (Croatia)

The circuit of Grobnik-Rijeka, in Croatia, hosted the European Stocksport 300.
After a big crash at Slovakiaring, Peter Kačaba was the fastest in qualiyfing practice. Second position for Daniel Blin in front of Vojtech Schwartz and Andrej Schwartz.

Daniel Blin (in the photo) won race1 in front of Vojtech Schwarz. Daniel was second in the opening laps of the race behind Peter Kačaba, but Peter crashed and the way to another win for Daniel was open. Third position for Lennart Ulbel in front of Bor Klemenc and Andrej Schwarz.

In race2 Daniel Blin had the easiest way to the second win in this weekend. He snatched the victory in front of Vojtech Schwarz and Lennart Ulbel. Fourth position for Ondrej Schwarz ahead of Bor Klemenc. Peter Kačaba did not start because his motorcycle was damaged from yesterday’s crash.

Full results on FIM Europe website:

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