European Motocross Championships: the 2017 rules are on FIM Europe website

The start of EMX250 in Belgium, last year. Photo @Youthstream –

The FIM Europe Motocross rules are now on the FIM Europe website and can be downloaded here.
Among the news of the 2017 season:
1. The EMX250 championship is open to motorcycles between 175cc and 250cc for both 4 stroke and 2 stroke powered engines. This will make the European motocross most important championship extremely interesting with the introduction of equal capacities for the 2 strokes and 4 strokes.
2. The 2016 Women’s Cup is now upgraded to an official European championship for 2017 consisting of 4 rounds in Denmark, Poland, Germany and Latvia.
3. The Motocross of European Nations combined with the Women’s Motocross of European Nations will be organised in 2017 at Gdansk in Poland on 2/3 September and the Sidecarcross of European Nations combined with the Quadcross of European Nations will be organised at Cingoli in Italy on 23/24 September.
4. Riders in the EMX Quad championship will be allowed to present 2 machines at technical control for this year.
5. All championships, including the Nations team races, are open to riders from any federation worldwide recognised by the FIM.
6. Riders competing in the EMX65, EMX85, EMX150, EMX125, EMX250 and EMX 300 must have the championship logo on their front number plates and on their race shirts. The various logos are contained in the rules on page 90 and the specific details regarding sizes and positions are also contained within the rules.

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