European Motoball Championship at Kovrov (Russia) – Day 1

Germans began the game with high tempo and a lot of attacks, but couldn’t get the ball in, while Belarus used their only chance effectively and scored in the first quarter, and again at the beginning of the second – beautiful long range shot into the corner. Only in the end of the quarter Germany at last managed to find the net and scored two goals. In the second part of the game Belarus took higher pace in attack and scored their third goal. Then they earned 11 meters penalty, scored and left Germans under big pressure, and their team just could not find their game until the end of the match.

The Netherlands scored their first goal in the first quarter and things didn’t look bright for Lithuania, their captain received green card and was sent out for 2 minutes. In the second quarter Lithuania upped their game, scored an equalizer and another one, but the Netherlands were quick to answer – the first half of the game ended by result 2-2. In the second part of the game the luck was on Lithuanian side – they scored two more goals and won this game by the result of 2-4.

From the first minutes the tournament hosts showed big composure and determination, but France also reminded everyone their class and the reason why they played in the Finals in last European championship, however they just couldn’t outclass the title holders. The big crowd in the stadium were pleased to see two beautiful goals from their favorites. The fight on the pitch between the teams was just amazing.

At this link the Opening Ceremony and all the games:


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