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European Individual Ice Speedway Final at Ufa (Russia)

The European Individual Ice Speedway Final was held today at Ufa, in Russia.
The meeting was held on a professional level and 3100 spectators watched an exciting meeting with lot of overtakings and fights for first positions.
Current European Nr 3 Harald Simon faced a disqualification in his first heat so he had to stop at the B final today.
Grand Prix rider Max Niedermaier managed to take 2 heat wins and with 11 points he was in the A final, together with 5 times heat winner, local hero and current European Champion Nikolay Krasnikov.
Second position for Eduard Krysov, after a hard fight with Krasnikov.
Third position for young Dmitry Solyannikov.
Before the start of the meeting a little snowstorm was over the stadium but it cleared right before the start of the first heat.
The staff worked on a high level to provide a good racing track so spectators could watch an exciting show.
The current standing in the series (applies to SEC Finals): Krasnikov, Krysov, Solyannikov, Niedermaier.
The next meeting in the series will be tomorrow, always at Ufa, in Russia.

IMG_4465 Podium
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