European Enduro at Gelnica (Slovakia) - Day1

The first day of the final round of the Enduro European Championship took place today at Gelnic, in Slovakia. More than 180 kms of challenging offroad trails had to be crossed.
In the overall, Junior Matteo Pavoni was able to defend his leadership with a seventh position.
The second rider in the championship, Oscar Balletti, suffered from a technical problem and the former third, the Italian Maurizio Micheluz, two times overall champion, won the special tests. Second position for German Marco Neubert in front of Jonathan Rosse from Switzerland.

Maurizio Micheluz – Photo ©Robert Pairan
Micheluz passed his countryman Balletti not only in the class rating, but also in the overall championship, and now he is only three points behind Pavoni, who won his junior-class E1 and expanded the championship lead.
In the senior class E1 the current leader, Andreas Linusson from Sweden, didn’t risk anything and finished in fifth position. His challenger Daan Bruijsten from Holland was even only ninth. Linusson is 34 points ahead, but he is not the champion, yet.
In the senior class E2 the reigning champion Marco Neubert won and gained nine points on the leader of the championship, the British Jamie Lewis. But the two riders are still separated from 14 points for the remaining two days.
In the senior class E3, Maurizio Micheluz took the lead in the championship through the overall victory and the failure of his countryman Oscar Balletti.
The second position in the class went to the local master Stefan Svitko from Slovakia.
In the the Veterans over 40 class the leader Arne Domeyer could calmly approach, because his advantage is sufficiently large.
In the women class, Jessica Gardiner from Australia fought for the first place. She also had to learn quickly to ride a new motorbike: her competition bike was stolen two nights ago. However, she was borrowed an unusual 2-stroke.
On the second day, the same distance will be ridden by the competitors. Since the time controls have been quite tight, the riders were given more time on the stage for Saturday, before the final motocross on Sunday.
The championship fight in the Junior Under 20-class is more and more interesting: the promoter of the European Enduro Championship, Wolfgang Butzner, has introduced special prizes to support the youngest riders: the winner will earn a working pavillon, and the riders in second and third position will have Metzeler enduro tires for their bikes.
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